Teh Awesomesauce Campaign

Chapter Zero

The Seekers' Curse

Lyrik Fateshankar, an eladrin cleric, is on the run from the fey wild after a false conviction of murdering his own master, when he reaches a small town. Deciding to stop for the night, he sees several buildings: an abandoned library, a tavern, an old bank, and a tower that reaches the clouds. He decides to explore the library.

Upon inspection, he discovers that all the windows are boarded up and the door is securely shut. He teleports inside but the library is dark and he cannot see well. Suddenly, a voice behind him speaks in a breathy whisper. “Leave this place.”

He refuses. The voice repeats itself. A cold chill bites at Lyrik, but he still refuses to go, trying to learn more about the library and its mysterious occupant. When he turns, he sees nothing; using his knowledge of the arcane, Lyrik deduces it is a spirit of some sort.

While being berated by the spirit, he discovers the library is about two centuries old, but has been closed for the last half century and is falling into ruin. Finally, he relents and teleports away; however, it was a ruse and he has only disappeared further into the library. When he stumbles onto the table in the center of the library, he discovers several loose papers. To his horror, they are written in blood. The spirit discovers he is still there and grows angrier; now seriously wounded Lyrik grabs one of the papers and teleports out of the library, for real, this time.

After using a Healing Word on himself, Lyrik wanders into the tavern he had noticed earlier. There are only a few people inside: the old barkeeper, two old men talking together, and a gnome with a cello. His name is Hodge Blackbell.

Lyrik, recognizing a fellow adventurer, goes up to talk with him. They discuss the strangeness of the library and the town, and Hodge reveals all he knows of it: that the tower’s resident is a magician and the last librarian in the library was slightly mad. Together they investigate the paper Lyrik had stolen, and they recognize some of them characters as primordial.

The duo asks around, but they get no answers. However, when they show the paper to the old men at the bar, one of them shows surprise. He stays silent, however.

The old man is the former librarian and doesn’t talk too much. Lyrik attempts to heal the man, but there is nothing physically wrong with him; there’s no arcane magic around him and he likes old beer. Hodge shares a drink with the old man, but the man remains reluctant. The pair gives up, for now.

After more investigation, they discover that the town has seen better days, and most of the citizens are old, now. There is a monastery Lyrik had not noticed in the town for an unknown god; Hodge and Lyrik do not know which god, but it is not an evil one.

They explore it. It is completely empty except for a few tall statues of presumably the god and an altar. They are very old statues, with pained expressions on their faces, holding up the monastery as a reference to how the god supports the town. There is text under the statues, but it is in Primordial.

Lyrik teleports back to the tavern while Hodge stays behind. The old man at the tavern admits that the text under the statues tells the story of their god, but he refuses to say what it is. Lyrik uses Tenser’s Floating Disk to bring Hodge to the tavern.

After some negotiating, the old man decides he has nothing to lose and reads the paper. He does not recognize most of it, but he picks out four lines that read “On the subject of demons. Retreat down the stairs. Vaulted chamber. Here be demons.”

He adamantly refuses to enter the library and bother the spirit, mentioning that the old librarian, who is believed to be the spirit in the library, would be furious whenever anyone took a book or so much as touched it. Lyrik, uneasy now that he has stolen a paper, wishes to go back, but Hodge suggests they should bring another book to appease the spirit, first.

They find a little bookstore in the town, run by a kind, elderly lady. She shows them around and, when asked, tells them that On the Subject of Demons is a book. She does not have it, however, so they purchase a book on how to make feyweave armor for Lyrik, and leave.

Before they enter the library, though, they run several more errands. They explore the musty old bank Lyrik had noticed earlier, and successfully bluff their way into the vaults. There, they find On the Subject of Demons and take it.

They visit the tower as well. At first, the tower’s resident is reluctant to let them in, but he relents as they express their only wish to help the town. He is a wizard, an elderly one, who has opposed the librarian. He explains that the librarian is a spirit, but nothing else.

When questioning the former librarian’s friend, Hodge, a fellow storyteller, convinces him to speak. The storyteller tells them that the god the town worshipped, the One, was a seeker of truth and knowledge, who refused to take sides in the endless conflict between good and evil and preached the same to his followers, appropriately dubbed the Seekers. However, the librarian grew obsessed with protecting the knowledge of the One and turned away other, less zealous followers.

The duo’s last visit before they return to the library is the monastery, where they find the old lady from the bookstore in silent prayer. They kneel beside her, and talk quietly, hearing a different take on the same story. The lady, a fervent Seeker for the One, simply wishes for the conflict to be over.

Hodge, unable to teleport inside the library like Lyrik, beats down the heavy locks on the door with his javelin while Lyrik assists with his long sword; by this time, the cleric has recovered from his previous wounds and is ready to face the spirit again.

They enter to find the spirit near the bookshelves, repeating the mantra to “leave this place”. Lyrik attempts to negotiate with it, while Hodge explores the inside of the library for the first time. The spirit insists that they leave, and calls himself the guardian of the One. The spirit repeats that people who do not serve the One have no place in his library.

Hodge, irritated, asks what the spirit is guarding the One from, but the spirit refuses to answer. Lyrik attempts to remain a neutral party, giving the paper and the book on feyweave armor to the spirit as offerings, but his patience breaks as well when the spirit refuses to yield and he pulls out On the Subject of Demons. At first, he threatens to stab the book with his long sword, but, as the spirit attacks him with a gust of cold wind, Lyrik summons the strength of Corellon and threatens to burn the book with his Sacred Flame.

The spirit is subdued, but only for a moment, before trying to attack again. Lyrik burns the book, until there is only a single page left. The spirit writhes, twisting and screaming in agony, before fading away. The pair explores the area from which it came.

Lyrik notices a set of runes on a wall that match the ones on the page. He taps on them in the order they appear on the page, and a trapdoor with stairs leading down opens. They descend into a dark and musty room. Several statues, identical to the statues of the One in the monastery, are down here as well. There a four doors. Hodge and Lyrik open the doors to find huge masks behind them, each with a different expression: happy, angry, sad, and pained.

Suddenly, the masks begin to chant in Primordial, and Lyrik sends Tenser’s Floating Disk to find the wizard. The wizard, terrified, attempts to flee, but the five statues become animated and approach. The one closest to Lyrik is speared by a Lance of Faith; the rest simply draw closer as the spirit of the librarian appears again.

Now, furious, Lyrik (and to a lesser extent, Hodge) begin to berate the “guardian” for forcing the villager’s to choose sides, challenging his faith in what Lyrik believes is a primordial masquerading as a god. The masks begin to crack as the spirit’s resolve weakens, until, finally, all of them break. The spirit disappears and the statues crumble into dust.

The wizard flees, but before Lyrik and Hodge leave, they hear the voice of the One. It explains that the librarian had forced sides to be chosen, and, as punishment, the One had stolen the youth of the town away from them. Now that the librarian has been eradicated, the Seekers’ original quest may be taken up again.

The villagers prove ever grateful, and Lyrik Fateshankar, with his new companion, Hodge Blackbell, leaves to continue his journey.

(Lyrik and Hodge both gain 350 experience points. Lyrik also gains a book on making feyweave armor, but he lacks the necessary components to engineer it. Lyrik and Hodge now have good standing in the village of the One.)


Ah good times… good times. Now where’s the comic!

Chapter Zero

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